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Hit and Run

These types of accidents should never happen to anyone

It's Never a Good Idea

Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Hit and run accidents happen every day, and unfortunately, for some, there can be serious consequences. Whether it is the individual who caused the accident or the individual who was hit, it’s never a good idea to leave the scene of an accident. The following are four reasons to stay put if you cause a car accident or are hit by someone who flees the scene.

Proving Fault

If you’re the driver who caused a car accident, you are going to look more guilty if you hit and run. This might give the other driver or pedestrian more of an edge to prove you were at fault. If you’re the victim in a hit and run, it’s still important to stay at the scene until you are able to give your statement to the responding officer who will eventually present the evidence in a courtroom.

Drivers Who Care

Take Time to Render Aid

There’s a possibility you caused an injury if you hit a pedestrian or another car. In a hit and run situation, you won’t have the opportunity to render aid, which could result in the other individual dying. This could make your charges go from a minor offense to a serious felony. If you stay to render aid, you will be considered a responsible person and you might even save a life.

Collecting Evidence at the Accident Scene

When car accident lawyers investigate accident details for the victim, they will tell them the more evidence they have against the other driver, the better the situation will turn out in the form of compensation. If a victim leaves the scene after an accident, they won’t be able to collect photographs of the cars or injuries and will lose the opportunity to get witness statements that could show the other driver carried all or part of the blame.

How Will Drivers Decide?

Doing the Right Thing or Facing the Consequences

Sometimes leaving the scene of an accident could result in the driver’s driving privileges being suspended immediately for a period of time and he or she could even face criminal charges. It doesn’t matter if that person was the one who caused the accident or the one who was hit. By staying at the accident scene and facing the consequences, the guilty person will eventually get their privileges back at some point. However, if someone is seriously injured or killed in the accident, their driver’s license could be rescinded indefinitely, not to mention the jail time for leaving the scene and not rendering aid.